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Like for the place with the encyclopaedia of bolts!? LM Fasteners have it all!

We have the most complete collection of bolts and stainless bolts for Sydney and surrounds. When it comes to bolt suppliers Sydney tradespersons and DIY enthusiasts need look no further than LM Fasteners. We have years of experience in the business, having successfully guided builders, roofers and others to the right products for completing their job.

We have only the best brands of stainless bolts for Smithfield, Villawood, Yennora and surrounding suburbs. Our stainless steel bolts for Smithfield and Yennora are both strong, able to withstand remarkable loads, and will preserve the integrity of your job decades after it’s completed.

As the bolt suppliers to Sydney, we have a range of metal bolts to choose from. We have different metals, including low carbon metals, which are less likely to corrode in damp and abrasive environments. It’s important to make sure your bolt is the right bolt for the environment. If you are working near dampness, take this into account when you are purchasing the right bolt for the job.

All our bolts are tested for quality – we do not sell inferior products, here at LM Fasteners. We have the full range of grades, high tensile bolts, mild steel bolts, brass bolts and other products. Why settle for an inferior product, when you’ll only have to return to fix faults in a job later down the track. For a low-cost quality option, it must be LM Fasteners. Why not call us today to find our more?

Alternatively, you can browse our website. Call us today!

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We are true fastener suppliers with a very wide range of fasteners. We pride ourselves on carrying a large range of fasteners in stock. Our service is the best in the industry, with incomparable knowledge of our products. Delivery is daily.

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