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Looking for the best supplier for screw anchors in Fairfield, Smithfield, Villawood, Yennora and throughout Sydney. For a screw anchor Sydney tradespersons need look no further than LM Fasteners. We have the best range, at the most affordable price – we’re the tradesperson friend, here at LM Fasteners and we’ve been assisting projects to fruition since 1998, so you know we know our stuff! We’ve also helped many DIY projects – if you want to get a job done, have the can-do attitude, but not sure about what’s required, drop in to our store for some advice, or browse our website for products. We want to make our products, such as the screw anchor for Sydney, as accessible as possible.
Anchor screws are very useful in a variety of environments, for different applications. They can be used for hanging objects, of light to medium weight, for example, a mirror or large picture frame. Screw anchors are often used because, no matter the surface or material you want to hang from, they work in almost any application. You don’t have to look for a stud to drive the screw into. You can also hang at any spacing.
We stock screw anchors for masonry projects, meaning our customers can find the perfect equipment to get the job done correctly and provide a secure hold for any and all screws. One of the most in-demand fastening products in our range is the screw anchor in stainless steel. Built to last for years to come, these anchors provide customers with top-quality value for money and peace of mind.
The beauty of our screw anchors for Fairfield, Smithfield, Villawood, Yennora and surrounding areas is that they are designed to minimise weight on nails and screws, which can rip from the wall and leave holes.
Make sure you consult with one of our specialists to make sure you have the right screw anchor as different applications require different strengths.

Stainless Steel & Galvanised Screw Anchors

For the most robust stainless steel screws for Fairfield, Smithfield, Yennora and throughout Sydney, come to LM Fasteners.
In addition to stainless steel screws, LM Fasteners is also the name to remember for screw anchors with galvanised coatings. These durable and effective coatings protect the metal beneath from rust and corrosion and make maintenance in both the short and long term a simple and straightforward process.
Get in touch with our team today for more information.

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