Are you a plumber, builder or a roofer looking for the best possible rivets? For rivets Sydney tradespeople now are dependable in the harshest conditions (when the right product is chosen with LM Fasteners expert guidance). The most important aspect of any trade business is to get the reliable product at low cost and to make sure the job will last. You don’t want to have to return to the job once it’s done.

With our rivets Sydney tradespeople know they are getting high quality at the lowest cost, for the full variety of rivet applications, whether guttering, metal roofing, fencing, or any other application. Our reputable rivet brands will be recognisable to many, but if you’re not familiar, then feel free to call on us for advice. We welcome to DIY customers as well.

We stock steel, nickel copper, stainless steel, aluminium and other rivets. It’s crucial to choose the right metal for the application, to avoid corrosion. The metal used must be compatible with whatever is being fixed or joined via the rivet. The rivets need to be the correct rivet for the conditions in which the construction job will be erected. If the job is near the water, higher salt levels need to be taken into account, as this could corrode certain metal rivets more readily.

If you’re unsure, we’re the specialists in this area. We have been guiding tradespeople to successful completion of jobs for more than two decades. Why settle for a less knowledgeable supplier when you have one you can depend on in LM Fasteners?

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We are true fastener suppliers with a very wide range of fasteners. We pride ourselves on carrying a large range of fasteners in stock. Our service is the best in the industry, with incomparable knowledge of our products. Delivery is daily.

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