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Cold Galv Paint

Cold Galvanising Paint

When it comes to protecting steel surfaces from corrosion and rust there are few better methods than using cold galvanising paint.
At LM Fasteners we stock a variety of premium cold galv paints that are suitable for use in both residential and commercial construction settings. The paints themselves are zinc formulas, and form a layer over exposed steel surfaces, reacting to the air and water around and keeping the steel itself well protected.
Customers can always rely on these paints to deliver comprehensive and lasting protection, as here at LM Fasteners we only stock proven and professional products that are designed to get the job done and deliver unbeatable results.
In addition to offering dependable protection, cold galvanising also provides customers with a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing stainless steel. The protective layer also means that less maintenance is required in the long run to keep the metal in good condition, making it the perfect solution for areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions, or metal that is installed in hard to access areas.
For more information on the unbeatable benefits of cold galv paint, or to speak to one of the LM Fasteners team members, simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 02 9757 4367.

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